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Migrate code from stories-floe-dev to master branch



      The branch stories-floe-dev is currently being treated as a sort of master branch while the codebase is slowly inching towards satisfying fluid-project standards for inclusion in the master branch.

      At least one metric of success is fully passing the Laser Eye Checklist.

      Meanwhile, there are other fluid-project sites running out of their master branches, and we have been exploring the notion of a flexible code standard in FLUID-6358. With this in mind, we should aim to stop using stories-floe-dev in this manner and promote its contents to the master branch.

      This should also include an update to the README or a new documentation file (in the "docs" directory) which details all of the branches in the main fork of this repository and what they are each used for.

      The stories-floe-dev branch is currently the basis for the CI build of the FLOE Storytelling Tool staging site, so this should also be considered. Should master be the new basis for the staging site or would it be appropriate to leave it as it is?


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