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Race condition in page grade blocking tests



      NOTE: This may be a duplicate / the same root cause as SJRK-234

      A race condition present in sjrk.storyTelling.base.page is blocking properly-functioning tests for both sjrk.storyTelling.loadStoryFromParameter and sjrk.storyTelling.loadBrowse (both in storyTellingServerUI.js).

      These tests were meant to be added alongside the changes described in SJRK-237, but the work required to remediate them would be substantial, hence this Jira.

      To reproduce:

      1. check out this branch: https://github.com/BlueSlug/sjrk-story-telling/tree/SJRK-255 (at commit cf3c37c, ideally)
      2. run the database server (instructions in README)
      3. run the webserver
      4. navigate to http://localhost:8081/tests/html/storyTellingServerUI-Tests.html

      Expected: all tests passing, no errors

      Actual: sometimes tests pass, sometimes they fail with error


      On Windows 10 Pro v.1903:

      • running Chrome 75, the error was not reported after 100 loads
      • Firefox 68 failed 92% of the time with this message:
        TypeError: text is undefinedfluidParser.js:420:8
        XMLEncode fluidParser.js:420
            renderComponent fluidRenderer.js:980
            renderComponentSystem fluidRenderer.js:1139
            renderRecurse fluidRenderer.js:1327
            renderTemplates fluidRenderer.js:1405
            reRender fluidRenderer.js:1488
            render fluidRenderer.js:1555
            render RendererUtilities.js:104
            refreshView RendererUtilities.js:178
            invokeInvoker FluidIoC.js:1749
            togo FluidIoC.js:1813
            fire Fluid.js:1596
            finishInit PrefsEditor.js:469
            then FluidPromises.js:33
            finishInit PrefsEditor.js:467
            init PrefsEditor.js:488
      • Edge 44 failed 59% of the time with this error message
        0: Unable to get property 'replace' of undefined or null reference


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