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Add multimodal indicator of a story's modality on Browse page




      Consider ways to indicate the modality of a story in a more visual way in order to supplement the text listed on each thumbnail. Possible approaches are outlined below.

      Via an email from Liam O'Doherty:

      An idea I had was to potentially add colour across the three elements of this logo - white space outside the book, the book page colour, and the heart colour - to have more colour overall on the page, and to establish some variation so each story wouldn't have exactly the same monochrome image.

      Building on this - there could also be a way to determine the modality / medium of the story content based on a visual cue in the icon image or just below in the grey space which frames each story.

      This is already present with the "contains:" label, but could perhaps be made more visual...

      ie there could be a little text, audio, video icon in the middle of the heart, or just below the image to allow the user to more easily identify how the story will /could be communicated to them. Separate from the logo image may work better in the cases where there are multimodal stories.

      And a reply to the same from Caren Watkins:

      Interestingly, in a recent grade school storytelling workshop, we got some feedback from participants that they would like access to "emojis" to express themselves and identify their stories. I wonder if a choice of colour and/or "avatar" on the book (heart, happy face, lightning bold, etc. etc.) might be a way to give storytellers a bit more individual expression of how their story is visually represented within the collection (list or grid) of stories.


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