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Reorganize project folder structure and theming




      Our goal for the process of adding a custom theme is:

      1. Fork our repository
      2. Make a folder for your theme
      3. Add HTML files or templates if you want to change the default
      4. Create a CSS file to display the way you want
      5. Add a config file that points to your folder
      6. Ability to replace a grade if you want major changes to the tool

      Three integrator use cases:

      1. Use the tool as it is with the defaults
      2. Put a new skin on the tool but keep the behaviour the same
      3. Change the behaviour of some part/parts of the tool

      To achieve this, a few tasks need to be completed to make adding new custom themes easier for potential integrators:

      • Add default files for all possible sections (header, footer etc.)
        • This will be the "base" theme, and its location will be specified in the "globalConfig" key of sjrk.storyTelling.server, with the intent that it can be changed or overridden
      • Create a JSON/JSON5 file to configure the theme and other possible values
        • Ensure that when the config file is merged in it allows for switching grades etc.
      • Move hard-coded markup into templates
        • A stopgap solution would be to add a default fallback option in the current JS code
        • Another option would be to add all of the potential containers to the page and hide when not used
      • Create a themes folder at the top level

      Proposed new hierarchy:

      -> server
      ---> db
      ---> middleware
      -> ui
      -> server
      ---> configs
      ---> uploads
      ---> utils
      -> testData /* formerly “binaries” */
      -> ui
      ---> html
      ---> js
      ---> messages
      -> base
      ---> css
      ---> html
      ---> img
      ---> messages
      ---> templates
      -> karisma
      ---> css
      ---> img
      ---> templates
      -> learningReflections
      ---> ...
      serverConfig.json5     /* not committed to repo, added to .gitignore */


      	“theme”: “learningReflections”,
      	“port”: “8081”,
      	“ip”: “”, /* what does Kettle bind to by default? */
      	“adminPassword”: undefined /* this is the authentication password for deleting stories */

      If you use the special key word ‘base’ you will get just the base theme. If you use another theme name we will apply the base theme first and then apply the theme you specified. Themes are specified by a key name which will resolve, using code similar to sjrk.storyTelling.loadThemedPage to resolve that name to a folder in a particular location (also configurable in the server globalConfigs structure)


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