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Kettle crashes under high load circumstances



      I have seen Kettle crash (process terminates) twice with "FATAL ERROR: Uncaught exception: Assertion failure - check console for more details: Error marking thread to request <ID> which has already been destroyed".

      Full logs:

      Both crashes have been on node 10.15.0.

      One thing potentially of note: sjrk-story-telling-server is using Kettle 1.8.0. Latest is 1.9.0.


      2020-01-23 Update from Gregor Moss:

      The error seems to be reproducible if a large number of requests are made to the kettle server in a short amount of time.

      To reproduce semi-reliably:
      1. Clone the Storytelling Tool repository to your local machine (https://github.com/fluid-project/sjrk-story-telling)
      2. Follow the installation instructions listed in the Readme
      3. Once the node server is running, navigate to the browser tests at http://localhost:8081/tests/
      4. If the error does not occur, simply reload the page and run the test battery again until the issue is encountered

      Expected: all requests are fulfilled normally and the server continues to operate

      Actual: the server halts execution and the error is displayed, browser will hang waiting for a response from the server


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