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Implement a prototype of an audio story recorder



      We envision the Social Justice Repair Kit's storytelling tools to be expressive and multimodel, supporting the telling of stories using audio, video, text, images, and more.

      Given this, we should implement a prototype of the components required to record audio stories.

      Alan Harnum hasĀ implemented a prototype audio recorder that also includes the ability to transcribe voice recordings using the Web Speech Recognition APIs.

      I have refactored this implementation and am progressively adding new functionality such as:

      • Context awareness for the Chrome-only functionality such as SpeechRecognition-based transcription
      • Support for a Web Audio-based recording back-end that will have greater browser compatibility than the current MediaRecorder implementation

      This prototype should completed, merged into a Fluid Project repository with the sjrk- prefix, and eventually integrated into the main SJRK storytelling repository (which doesn't seem to exist yet?).


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