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Text with words seperated by multiple spaces, aren't completely visible when re-entering edit mode



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      After entering text seperated by multiple spaces, into an inline edit field, when you re-enter edit mode the edit field does not display wide enough to fit the entire string of text. This is because the inline edit field removes multiple spaces when it displays the text, but shows the spaces when it is displayed it edit mode. This makes the string of text longer in edit mode.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Open the inline edit demo from the daily build site:

      2) Activate an inline edit field to place it in edit mode.

      3) Edit the text with a string such as "spaces hidden"

      4) Press the 'enter' key. Notice that the multiple spaces are removed

      5) Re-enter edit mode. Notice that the multiple spaces appear, and that the text field isn't large enough to hold the entire line of text. You should notice that only the beginning or end of the string of text is displayed

      The text is all in the field, it just isn't all visible at once.


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