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Pressing "Enter" breaks UIO when there's only one text input field presented in UIO



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      These steps use the new refactored UIO branch as the example:

      1. Open demos/prefsFramework/index.html in an editor;
      2. In the code where fluid.uiOptions is instantiated, comment out line 105, 110, 111 to remove these panels: line spacing, letter spacing, word spacing. This leaves only one text input field from "text size" panel in UIO;
      3. Start the demo at "demos/prefsFramework" in a browser;
      4. Open UIO;
      5. click into "text size" input box;
      6. doesn't matter to change or not change the value;
      7. hit "enter" key.

      All panels in UIO disappear and leave a grey blank page.


      1. Click "hide preferences", UIO closes;
      2. Click "show preferences", UIO doesn't open and is broken. In firefox or safari, this error is thrown in the dev tool console:

      Ignoring call to invoker updateModel of component  
      Object { typeName: "fluid.uiEnhancer", id: "1xjwwss1-439", lifecycleStatus: "destroyed", destroy: fabricateDestroyMethod()
      , options: {…}, events: {…}, fluid_prefs_enactor_tableOfContents: {…}, fluid_prefs_enactor_enhanceInputs: {…}, fluid_prefs_enactor_contrast: {…}, fluid_prefs_enactor_textFont: {…}, … }
        which has been destroyed

      Expected behavior: The changed line space value applies to the website and UIO stays intact.

      After some investigation, it appears that the problem is that an Implicit Submission is occurring. In this case, it is happening because there is only 1 text input in the form.

      This bug was initially found with the WeCount website development. See WeCount issue ticket




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