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Failure to merge dynamic grades supplied to dynamic component by single IoC reference



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • Component/s: IoC System
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      The following definition:

      fluid.defaults("gpii.express.handlerDispatcher", {
          gradeNames: ["fluid.component"],
          timeout: 5000, // The default timeout we will pass to whatever grade we instantiate.
          events: {
              onRequest: null
          distributeOptions: [{
              source: "{that}.options.timeout",
              target: "{that > gpii.express.handler}.options.timeout"
          dynamicComponents: {
              requestHandler: {
                  createOnEvent: "onRequest",
                  type:          "gpii.express.handler",
                  // options:       "{arguments}.0"
                  options:       {
                      gradeNames: "{arguments}.0.gradeNames"

      fails if the commented-out code is substituted for the options actually supplied. There is some strange subtlety with this fault since most other styles for supplying these options work fine, especially since assured and tested by FLUID-5022. For example, Kettle requests has

      fluid.defaults("kettle.requests", {
          gradeNames: ["fluid.component"],
          events: {
              createRequest: null // fired by our handler once express determines that route + verb is a match
          dynamicComponents: {
              request: {
                  createOnEvent: "createRequest",
                  type: "{arguments}.0.type",
                  options: "{arguments}.0.options"

      which works fine, as does the definition in the framework test cases which has

              dynamicComponents: {
                  dynamic: {
                      createOnEvent: "createIt",
                      type: "{arguments}.1",
                      options: {
                          gradeNames: "{arguments}.2",

      The failure appears to be due to the awkward hack currently at line 617 of FluidIoC.js, fluid.computeDynamicGrades:

              fluid.each(shadow.mergeOptions.mergeBlocks, function (block) { // acquire parents of earlier blocks before applying later ones
                  gradeNames.push.apply(gradeNames, fluid.makeArray(block.source && block.source.gradeNames));

      This faultily reaches into "block.source" rather than going through the front door, and apparently falls foul of the fact that some blocks (e.g. those allocated via fluid.simpleGingerBlock) have no source but only target - although simpleGingerBlock is not the actual failure route here since the block observed in error was actually of type "subcomponent" (which itself is a little unexpected).

      A likely possibility is that the route to the failure cause is the source block being a primitive string, and kettle.requests appears to work because the bulk of the polymorphism is in the "type" field rather than expecting any addon gradeNames in "options" to be resolved.




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