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Equality operators (binOps) implemented as model transformations should use fluid.model.isSameValue for comparison




      The new ChangeApplier (FLUID-5115 etc.) uses a special utility "fluid.model.isSameValue" in order to determine when attempted modifications to a model actually leave it in "morally the same condition". This extends two particular courtesies to the user, both relating to handling of numbers -
      i) firstly, it operates a "floating point slop" rule in order to accept as equivalent two floating point numbers which are close enough that they could have arisen through a round-trip through both legs of a "reasonable arithmetic transformation lens)
      ii) secondly, it considers, contrary to traditional FP semantics, that any two NaN values are the same as each other (FLUID-5509)

      To make the abstraction of the relay system more consistent, we should adjust the implementation of the equality comparison operators "===" and "!==" that are supplied as transformation rules so that they apply the same utility.

      This arose in work with the first discovery tool and a defect report http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLOE-346 that the "disabled" attribute was not being added to the "reduce size" button when zoom was at the bottom of its range, as a result of "floating point slop" in the first place. https://botbot.me/freenode/fluid-work/2015-05-20/?msg=39714084&page=2 - the first suggestion was to use the fluid.model.isSameValue utility directly, and the second suggestion was to rewrite this linkage using modelRelay. As a result of the inconsistency reported in this JIRA, the workaround was to write a relay rule using the "free" transform with an explicit invocation of fluid.model.isSameValue.




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