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Evaluate and remove JQuery UI delegate plugin from Infusion distribution



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      The advertisement for jQuery 1.4 http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/javascript-ajax/jquery-1-4-released-the-15-new-features-you-must-know/ explains under item 5 that it appears the the focus event delegation functionality that we used to depend on the jQuery UI delegate plugin (jquery.delegate.js) for is now provided as part of the JQuery core framework. Indeed, looking through the source for jQuery 1.4.2 shows the following suggestive section at line 2341:

      // Create "bubbling" focus and blur events
      if ( document.addEventListener ) {

      { focus: "focusin", blur: "focusout" }

      , function( orig, fix ) {
      jQuery.event.special[ fix ] = {

      This appears to be a "modern-style" (that is, without explicit browser version detects) implementation of the functionality in jquery.delegate.js, with the rest of the functionality supplied in the generalised core framework utility $.delegate(). As far as I can tell this is an essentially 100% compatible implementation of this functionality within the core framework. We should verify that this indeed the case and if so remove the file and its dependency entry from our distribution.

      As far as I am aware this feature is not yet used by the core framework or components itself, but was just so far used for testing purposes. However, it is likely that it might become useful quite soon - there are some focus-related issues in the currently being improved InlineEdit widget, and also in CollectionSpace autocomplete widget, that might benefit from it.


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