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Create a new demo for the Renderer on the demo portal



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      We need to create a simple, clear demonstration of the Renderer in action. Here's a thread from the mailing list about it:

      Awesome! So here's what I'm thinking...

      These current examples show all the possible ways one can use the Renderer--with rsf:ids, with cutpoints, data bound, and so on. But it doesn't give a user a clear picture of how they should start, and which techniques are recommended.

      So, here are the general techniques that our demo should illustrate:

      • Using cutpoints, not IDs in the markup
      • Programmatic tree generation using fluid.transform
      • A blend of data-bound and literal values

      I think it should probably showcase a handful of Renderer components, including:

      • UIBound for plain text
      • UIContainer for repetitions
      • UISelect for a drop down, checkboxes, or radio buttons

      We should probably also make it simple enough that the user can see how the tree is composed, and the relationship between data, markup, and tree clearly without having to study the example in great depth.

      I think your current demos probably provide a good structure for us to create a new demo with.




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