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Minimum font size control changes the text size even when the base size is larger then the minimum.



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      The implementation of the "minimum text size" is not necessarily what the user would expect.

      To reproduce:

      1) Open http://build.fluidproject.org/fluid/sample-code/shared/sakai/sakai.html

      2) Decide that the size of most of the text looks just fine, but that the footer (the copyright, the "Portions of the Sakai...") is a wee bit too small.

      3) Click on Edit Preferences

      4) Adjust the "Minimum Text Size" slider to 9pt, in the hopes that the footer text will get a little bit bigger

      5) Click "Save and Apply"

      In addition to the footer text getting a bit larger, all of the text on the page gets smaller. This is not what the user would likely expect or want in this scenario.

      Some notes from the discussion on the mailing list:

      "We have decided that it is important for integrators to specify their defaults in order for UIOptions to behave correctly. We could add a setting in the defaultSiteSettings called 'baseTextSize'. Then setting the minimum text size could check if the size is larger then the integrator specified base text size. If it is, we would set the base font for the user to the size they had specified and remove the scaled down text sizes. If not we would only remove the scaled down text sizes that are scaled to smaller then the base text size and leave everything else the same."


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